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Not long ago there appeared a new method of IMSI, which makes it possible to overcome a serious factor of male infertility under our IVF laboratory conditions.


What is the difference between IMSI and the standard ICSI procedure?

Technically, both ICSI and IMSI procedures are performed with the help of special equipment: a microscope with a fitted micromanipulator. The micromanipulator helps to control the movements of microtools – microinjectors, with the help of which we incorporate a single sperm directly into the oocyte.

The main difference between IMSI and ICSI is the magnification of the microscope used in this procedure. While the standard ICSI procedure is performed with 400- or 600-fold magnification, the special construction of the IMSI microscope enables magnification to over 6000 fold. This helps us see in detail the form, the morphology and different structures of a single sperm and find the best one for the future fertilization. The result of the detailed IMSI sperm selection is the higher rate of successful implantations and pregnancies compared to those after ICSI.

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