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If it’s not possible to fertilize eggs during the standard IVF program, we use a micromanipulation method of ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection).

This microsurgical manipulation consists in the following: using a microscope, we inject a single sperm into the cytoplasm of a mature ovum. That’s how we overcome the impossibility of natural fertilization, which is the main cause of childlessness for the couples with severe male infertility.

The indications for ICSI have widened recently. This method can also be used if the fertilization went unsuccessful in the previous IVF program, the amount of oocytes is too small, the ovum membrane is too thick, etc.

ICSI can be used by our doctors to treat the following male reproductive system diseases:

  • severe oligospermia: sperm concentration is less than 10 million per ml, that’s so little, that it makes the natural fertilization almost impossible;
  • asthenozoospermia combined with any kind of oligospermia: less than 30% of sperms are active while the overall sperm concentration in semen is less than 20 million per ml;
  • azoospermia (lack of mature sperms in semen) of any nature: in case if active sperms can be seen after the testicular or epididymal puncture.

The worldwide experience of ICSI practicing within the IVF programs shows that this technique doesn’t influence the health of the children born. But you should take into consideration that if the male infertility is caused by genetic disorders, those disorders will be inherited by your sons together with the sperm chromosomes after the ICSI manipulations. Preliminary medical examination of men with severe disorders in spermatogenesis can help you avoid the birth of a child with congenital defects.

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