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Today a lot of methods have been developed to overcome the male infertility. PICSI is one of these methods.

This is a special technique of sperm selection before the insemination. In it, we use special PICSI dishes coated with hyaluronan. Mature single sperms with normal morphology have receptors sensible to this agent, that’s why they immediately attach to the surface of the dish as soon as we place them into it. Bad-quality single sperms, on the opposite, do not bind to hyaluronan and stay active.

The next stage consists in ICSI insemination. We take the single sperm out of a PICSI dish with a microneedle and inject it right into the egg.

According to the latest research, the usage of PICSI dishes increases the percentage of good-quality embryos, as well as percentage of implantations and impregnations as compared to the standard ICSI procedure (L. Parmegiani , 2009).

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