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If a couple can’t conceive a baby for one year, having sex without contraception, it’s a case of infertility. Why one year? It is considered that 12 months is enough for sperm to “adapt” to the vaginal fluids and cervical mucus.

The good environment for sperm is possible when the pH of cervical mucus is 7.0 to 8.0. An overacidified environment makes sperm immotile so it dies in the vagina. The normal pH of sperm must be not less than 7.2 (the best is 7.8 to 8.0). That’s why any change in pH balance of semen and cervical mucus can deny the opportunity of sperm getting into the uterus and, following the uterine tubes, access the egg.

Frequent change of sexual partners can also have a negative effect because the sperm pH of different men varies and a woman’s vagina or cervical mucus can have a bad reaction to the changing pH.

What is more, antisperm antibodies can form in the cervical mucus.

Normal ovulation is the basic term for a postcoital test, because it’s in the preovulatory period when the cervical mucus gets to the optimum pH level. Long ago, when there were no ovulation tests or ultrasound equipment, gynecologists tracked the mucus formation at the speculum examination. Today the modern equipment of our clinic makes it possible to track ovulation with the help of ultrasound monitoring of follicular growth. But our doctors are still skilled enough to use these methods together with the traditional examination.


The most popular methods of postcoital testing are:

  • Shuvarsky test
  • Kurzrock–Miller test

We use both of them in our clinic. They have one main goal: to study the survival rate of sperm in the cervical mucus and posterior vaginal vault as well as the qualitative characteristics of semen. We study active single sperms and their percentage in the posterior vaginal vault and cervical mucus in 1,5 – 3 hours after the coitus.


How you should prepare for the test

  • Make sure there is no inflammation; to prove this, infection smears are taken
  • You shouldn’t use vaginal suppositories, lubricants or condoms
  • On the 9th-12th day of menstrual cycle (for each woman individually) you should undergo ultrasound investigation to detect the dominant follicle. Knowing that a follicle grows 2 mm every day, our doctor will calculate the day of your ovulation and prescribe you chorionic gonadotropin to make egg mature.
  • The spermogram of the partner will show the sperm liquefaction time (sometimes it takes 30-60 minutes). You need to know this to calculate the time you need to lie after the coitus. If the liquefaction time is about 30 minutes, you’ll need to lie not less than 60 minutes.
  • You should come to our clinic in 2-4 hours. No waiting in line is needed.


How the Shuvarsky test is carried out

  • You being in the gynecological chair, the doctor will take the cervical and vaginal discharge and place it on the sterile cover glass
  • Our embryologist will microscope the material, studying the sperm motility, quality and quantity
  • A positive test result means there are not less than 50% of active sperms with concentration not less than 50 million per 1 ml
  • The negative test result means there is a cervical case of infertility.

To eliminate the immunologic factor of infertility, our doctor can advise you to undergo additional tests: antisperm antibodies investigation, MAR test, study of ACAT level in blood and cervical mucus.


Kurzrock-Miller test

You and your partner should come to our clinic on the day of ovulation. The woman provides a cervical mucus sample (in a gynecological chair), the man provides a sperm sample. After the sperm liquefaction we carry out a microscope test.

  • Our embryologist puts a drop of sperm and a drop of cervical mucus on a microscope slide.
  • We study how the sperm penetrates into the mucus on the borderline of the drops.
  • The test results positively if the sperm penetrates into the mucus.

Basing on the result, our doctor will elaborate the most effective treatment program for you. Moreover, the postcoital test in many cases helps our patients get pregnant without additional treatment.

If you are searching for a clinic where postcoital tests are performed professionally – welcome to the New Life clinic!

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