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Male infertility is just as common as the female one. Immunologic infertility is one of its kinds. It happens when the sperm loses its motility, because it has antibodies on its surface that are forming an antispermal cover around the gamete. To find out if such a problem takes place in the patient’s case, our doctors conduct the MAR test (MAR - Mixed Agglutination Reaction).


Where Do the Antisperm Antibodies Come from? 

Gametes differ from other body cells in their structure, genetics and other peculiar features. This difference can be dangerous because the body’s protective system can consider sperm as a hostile object, which should be exterminated. That’s why seminiferous tubules in a healthy body are separated from the blood vessels by the blood-testis barrier.

This barrier can damage after some diseases and injuries. After that your genital system begins to produce protective substances aggressive to the sperm. The quantity of antibodies determines the scale of a man’s infertility.


How Can We Find Those Antibodies?

Our doctor can make supposition that you have antisperm antibodies not only by the MAR-test results, but also by those of a spermogram. Sperm immotility and agglutination are the indirect proofs of immunologic infertility. MAR test should be conducted together with spermogram or at least the patient should have spermogram results, because antisperm antibodies testing is only needed when it is necessary to specify the data of your semen testing.

If you’ve undergone testicle injury, hydrocele or other diseases provoking antibody production, our doctors can prescribe you two tests.


How to Get Ready for MAR Testing?

You should avoid sexual intercourses, alcohol and excessive heat (bath or sauna) 2-5 days before the test.

The sperm is collected after masturbation and put in special glass containers. In the laboratory our researcher will mix it with a special antiserum. If the sperm contains antibodies they will react with this serum forming an “antigen-antibody” interaction. Our specialist can see it through a microscope.


How to Interpret MAR-test Results?

If there are just a few antibodies, this is considered a relative norm. When only 10-30% of gametes are attacked, the situation is not critical. Conception is still possible, because the rest of sperm is still ready for fertilization.

If more than 50% of sperm is covered with antibodies, the MAR-test result will be positive. It means that a man has come across immunologic infertility. Though it is not very easy to overcome, our doctors can still treat it successfully.


What You Should Do if Your Test Result is “Positive”

Don’t despair or look for folk remedies to cure infertility.

The best way is to come to our reproductologist with your test results. If the situation is critical, our doctor can prescribe you an additional test – antisperm antibody blood test. Its results will be even more informative, helping us choose an personal infertility treatment program for you.

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