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Laboratory of Embryology

Our laboratory consists of three departments:

  • andrology laboratory
  • IVF laboratory
  • cryoreservoir room


The following diagnostic procedures are conducted in the andrological laboratory:

There are three well-equipped working places in the IVF laboratory, where we can perform egg selection, catheter filling for embryo transfer and other elementary manipulations with gametes and embryos (laminar flow hoods: K-Systems IVF Workstation L126MP, Origio Mars IVF Safty).




We use 2 microscopes with manipulators:

  1.   Olympus IX 70 with the Narishige manipulator and the Zilos laser system. It is used for the following purposes: ICSI or PICSI fertilization, mechanical or laser hatching, blastomere biopsy.

  2.   Leica AM 6000 with the Eppendorf manipulator used for IMSI. It can also be used for ICSI, PICSI, mechanical hatching and blastomere biopsy.

Embryo cultivation is performed mainly in multichamber multi-gas incubators Origio-Planer BT-37. The main advantages of these incubators are the following:

  • maintaining the reduced oxygen concentration for embryo cultivation,
  • fast recovery of temperature, humidity and gas composition after the incubator has been opened,
  • a built-in battery, which makes it independent from power failures.

We also use Thermo Scientific as auxiliary incubators.

Hardware embryo cryopreservation is performed with the Cryologic, controlled by a computer program.

The IVF laboratory is the heart and pride of our clinic. It has state-of-the-art equipment and lets us perform a full range of different manipulations.

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