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Our History

1998 – our Medical Center of ART is established

1999 – the first child is born after the ICSI treatment

1999 – the first child is born after the implementation of the donation program

1999 – a surrogate mother gives birth to the child after our program

2000 – we implement the first diagnostic office hysteroscopy without anesthesia

2000 – prenatal care after the IVF

2003 – our laboratory is modernized, a new EIA device is bought, we conduct the program of prenatal screening

2004 – we cure chronic endometritis with the help of laser therapy

2005 – our doctor O. Gaivoronskaya defends her Doctor of Medicine dissertation (chronic endometritis treatment)

2006 – we broaden the spectrum of day care surgery  

2007 – a child is born after the pre-implantation diagnostics

2008 – we move into a new building, modernize our equipment, implement new PCR-based genetic methods of embryo study, establish a Cosmetology Department

2009 – we buy an expert ultrasound device; our embryologist N. Krasova is certified in clinical embryology (a European certificate)

2010 – we begin to use 3-gas formulae for embryo cultivation; the Head of our Embryology Department N. Krasova is enrolled in postgraduate training program, Clinical Embryology, Great Britain

2011 – we participate in the development of the Quality Control Program in Russia within the Federal System of External Quality Control

2012 – we implement the Comparative Genomic Hybridization and gene sequencing, develop the “My gene is my health” protocol, participate in quality control seminars in Australia, USA and Europe


For all these years we have been bringing happiness of parenthood into many families. Our team stability and the constant growth of our performance indicators make the formula of our success. We are developing and expanding, we are searching for new treatment methods and implement them pursuing one goal: a patient should always receive effective and highly qualified medical services. 

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