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Consent to the processing of personal data

When registering, registering for an appointment, calling back a question to a doctor, sending a questionnaire, leaving a response, filling out any other forms of feedback on the website reprod.ru, agrees to accept this Consent to the processing of personal data (hereinafter - Consent).

In accordance with the requirements of Article 9 of the Federal Law of 27.07.2006. "On Personal Data" No. 152-FZ, I confirm my consent to the processing of my OOO "Meditsinskiy Tsentr VRT" ( (hereinafter referred to as the Operator) my personal data, including: surname, name, patronymic, sex, date of birth, address of residence, contact phone, email , Details of the MHI policy, data on the state of my health, diseases, cases of seeking medical help, for medical and preventive purposes, for the purpose of establishing a medical diagnosis and the provision of medical services, provided that they are processed by a person professionally occupying And is obliged to maintain medical secrecy.

In the process of providing the Operator with medical assistance, I give the right to medical workers, transfer my personal data containing information that constitutes medical secrecy to other officials of the Operator, in the interests of my examination and treatment.

I give the Operator the right to carry out all actions (operations) with my personal data, including collecting, systemizing, accumulating, storing, updating, changing, using, depersonalizing, blocking, destroying. The operator has the right to process my personal data by entering them into an electronic database, including in the lists (registers) and reporting forms prescribed by the documents regulating the provision of reporting data (documents) on CHI (VHI agreement).

The operator has the right to fulfill his obligations to work in the MHI system (under the LCA contract) for the exchange (reception and transfer) of my personal data with the medical insurance organization and the territorial MHIF fund using machine carriers or through communication channels, with the observance of measures ensuring their Protection from unauthorized access, provided that their reception and processing will be carried out by a person who is required to maintain professional secrecy.

The period of storage of my personal data corresponds to the period of storage of primary medical documents and is twenty five years (for a hospital, five years for a polyclinic).

The transfer of my personal data to other persons or their other disclosure can be carried out only with my written consent, except, unless otherwise provided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

This consent is valid for an unlimited period. I reserve the right to withdraw my consent by drawing up an appropriate written document that can be sent to the Operator by mail by registered mail with a delivery notification or handed personally to the representative of the Operator.

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