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Quality control

In our clinic, we monitor closely the quality of the medical services we provide.

We constantly control the physical conditions of the laboratory (temperature, humidity) and also the level of contamination of the IVF laboratory with dust particles, organic volatile substances and microbes. We also monitor daily the functional condition of the laboratory equipment: uncubators, heated surfaces and cryoreservoirs. This helps us create optimal conditions for embryo cultivation and preservation.

All the IVF laboratory manipulations are always performed under the internal inspection. We conduct a monthly statistical analysis of such effectiveness parameters as fertilization rate, the percentage of good-quality embryos, pregnancy rate, etc.


Our clinic, together with the Federal System of External Clinical and Laboratory Investigation Quality Control, has participated in the development of the External Quality Control Program for IVF laboratories. Two joint researches on this topic have been published: “Recommendations on the External Quality Control in IVF laboratories” (XXI International Conference “Reproduction technologies today and tomorrow” by RAHR) and “The Challenges of Quality Control Implementation in an IVF Laboratory” (XVII Russian Theoretical & Practical Conference “Integration in the Laboratory Medicine”

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